It’s time for a rant about women’s health… 

Something needs to change.

Those of you who read my earlier blogs, are already aware of the fact that when I had my miscarriage, I was popped on the MATERNITY ward. 

That’s right, with all the babies and pregnant women.

Nope, there’s no special area for the grieving mother’s who have experienced miscarriage. 

Just go right here with the babies and pregnant ladies.

You’ll be right.

So that was more than a year ago, and I’ve pushed that down to the bottom of my mind.

But today. 

Gah I’m so mad.

Ok, some context first.

And a warning for anyone who wants to stop reading, that yeah, I’m gonna talk about my period. And I’m not sorry about that, because it’s a fucking normal part of every females life, so let’s actually address it. 

I have over a decade long history of troublesome periods. 

Lots of assessments. Lots of discussions.

Lots of pain. So much pain. 

And really serious bleeding. 

So finally, FINALLY my doctor and I have reached the conclusion together that it’s time to see the gynaecologist. How long did it take us to get here? A long time. 

I suppose the decision to do so stems from the new Stacy. The last few years I’ve become more aware of what goes into my body and I no longer am willing to pump myself full of drugs to reduce the pain every month. I’m no longer able to curl up on the floor because I can’t function anymore, because well, I have responsibilities and life keeps on going.

But that’s what happens.

I can’t sleep because my blood loss is coming so fast that I can feel it.

I get lightheaded.

Sometimes dizzy.

I feel nauseous from how severe the pain is.

Oh the pain. It’s hard to walk. It’s hard to stand.

Everything is hard.

Earlier this year, I discovered that acupuncture made a significant difference to my quality of life. Huge. The reduction in my symptoms was enormous.

But here’s the thing- I can’t afford to do it every week. 

And so I stopped. And the symptoms escalated again. And now here we are, back at the same point.

And of course, the acupuncture is assisting with the symptoms, but not the cause.

So the doctor finally uses that E word earlier this year. 


An alarming number of poor women are dealing with this silently, and that’s so fucking wrong. 

But to get an official diagnosis, it’s off to the gynaecologist. 

And do you know what I had to do today? 

I had to ring the women’s health clinic to follow up on my referral and discuss my appointment. 

And this is what I hear-

‘If you need to cancel an appointment for today, please press one’

‘If you are more than 20 weeks pregnant and need to speak to a midwife, please press two’

‘If you are less than 20 weeks pregnant and need to speak to a midwife, please press three’

‘If you need to book in for antenatal classes, please press four’

‘For all other enquiries please hold’ 

Are you KIDDING me?

We need to stop lumping gynaecologocial issues and PREGNANCY into the same fucking sentence.

Yes. I understand that the gynaecologist/obstetricians are often the same people. 

But it’s not the same medical need.

How many women out there who are struggling to conceive are listening to those prompts? 

I am a LUCKY woman who has a beautiful healthy little girl, and another pregnancy under my belt. I HAVE fallen pregnant before and that gives me hope. But what about those women that haven’t? 

So in my worst hormonal state of mind, writhing in pain, unable to stand, clearly being reminded by my own body of the fact that I am not pregnant, I think oh yeah, I’ll chase up that appointment so maybe I can stop feeling like this every month and then THAT! 

I’m so mad about it.

Something needs to change.

Let’s stop grouping all of the issues regarding the reproductive system into pregnancy. Because it’s not.

And I’m heartbroken for all of the women who are suffering through their journeys with constant slaps in the face.

I’ll say it again.

Something needs to change. 

Rant over. 


One thought on “It’s time for a rant about women’s health… 

  1. I totally agree and as the western medical system is divided by parts of the body (like we are separate somehow??!) – the ‘womb’ gets all lumped together, with no thought or consideration of the women’s experience of things like infertility or miscarriage, which are very clearly very emotional. It IS time this changed and thank you for sharing your rant. I hope you find some relief and answers too, sounds like a hard road xxxx

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