My Happy Heart is almost ONE!! 

My Happy Heart is about to turn ONE!! My little blog!! 

This brings me both joy and sadness.

Joy, because it’s been a pleasure sharing with you all. It has been wonderful progressing through different stages and topics, and it has been a glorious outlet for me to share my recovery and my resilience. It has reminded me of my strength. It has given me a voice. 
And it has given others a voice. So many women, even many that I didn’t know, from all corners of the Earth reached out to me. Reached out to me to thank me for making them feel heard. Or for sharing something so ‘taboo’.

And it brings me sadness, because, well I feel like that would be obvious? Because it has been a year. A year since the future of our family changed. A year since the hope of the baby that was to be born was lost. 

But I am still here. And I’m still writing. And I am stronger each and every day. Except some days when I am not so strong, and that’s ok because I am allowed to have them, and so are you. 

Thank you to all of you who have loyally read each and every single post. 

Thank you to all of you who have read just one post.

Thank you to all of you who have shared my posts far and wide.

For the 3225 people from 25 different countries across the globe, THANK YOU.

Thank you giving me a voice.

Thank you for hearing me. 

Thank you. 


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