A poem from a friend

I’m so honoured to have some amazing people in my life. 

And the other day, one of those friends sent me a message to check in, and let me know she had been thinking of me. 

She had also written a poem for me. 

How incredibly thoughtful and beautiful. 

With her permission, I am sharing her beautiful words below. ❤️

And friend- thank you again. Thank you so much. 😘😘

Here it is;

Mama, mama, Mama Bear

Has her daughter in her lap

Baby, baby, Baby Bear,

Floats somewhere over there
Mama, mama, Mama Bear

There’s a picture on the wall

Mama, Daddy, sister too

I don’t want to see it fall
Mama, mama, Mama Bear

I know it hurts very much

And if it doesn’t, that’s because

Today, you’re giving so much
Mama, mama, Mama Bear

I know it’s hard to recall

First he or she brought you joy and hope

Before the saddest day
Mama, mama, Mama Bear

You’ve tried so many ways

To turn it around, into something good

Still I fear you’re stuck in the maze
Mama, mama, Mama Bear

I know we thought it was a promise

Baby, baby, Baby Bear

Remind Mama of why you came
Mama, mama, Mama Bear

Your strength, courage, fear and pain never are just your own

Family near, and friendships dear

Hope their love is known
Mama, mama, Mama Bear

I remember your baby too.


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