Let’s set the record straight…

Okay. So, you may know, I am running the My Happy Heart Challenge this January. The goal is to get people thinking about something positive that happened in their lives that day. 

The goal is NOT to represent a series of delightful moments and give the impression that my life is not without hardship or struggle…

I’m saying this, because I had a message from an old friend- and the gist of it was this- ‘you look so happy, life has given you everything you always wanted, it’s just perfect’.

And this made me think two things- the first is this- 

Some people represent their lives on social media with ONLY the good things. Embellished good things even. They share all about their new purchases and their holidays and their happy nights out (and that’s ok!). But they don’t always share the photo of their credit card bill, the story about their crappy night out, and the list of things they aren’t pleased with. 

So my point with this one, is that you can’t make a decision about the position someone is in with their lives based on the posts you see on social media- it’s not an accurate representation of reality. 

The second is this- the My Happy Heart Challenge is not supposed to be about presenting how perfect my life, or anyone else who is participatings life might be. 

It is about finding the silver lining. 

It is about searching for the sun in the storm.

It is about taking a moment each day, to think back and be grateful, for something that made your heart happy. 

For something that enriched your heart.

Because sometimes, when something awful has happened in your day, it clouds your whole memory of it. You think, gosh today was horrible. 

But if you take a moment at the end of the day to really focus on the happy moments, you might realise there was some good in it to.

Further to all of this, I really feel like I DO accurately represent my journey on social media. I share with you all the good, the bad and the ugly. 

I talk about my hardship.  

I share my dark thoughts on cloudy days.

And now to kickstart 2017 I share with you a happy moment each day. 

Adjust your perspectives. Reach deeper into your mind, and see past what’s on the surface.





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