What makes your heart happy? 

2016 has been a big year.

And if there is one major lesson that I can take with me, it’s that I spend far too much time focusing on the negative.

In a year stained with heartache and challenging events, I have also experienced immense joy. Monumental positive events have occurred. 

And yet still I hear myself say ‘2016 was such a bad year’.

It is time to change the way that I think.

I need to focus on what is positive and amazing. I want to take the opportunity to celebrate something delightful each and every day. I want to relish in those moments.

Positive thoughts = positive actions. 

I want you to join me.

My Happy Heart are launching a positivity campaign. A photo a day challenge for January to celebrate ‘What makes your heart happy?’ 

We will also be collaborating with the True Beauty Project. I know many of us spend a lot of time feeling down about the way we look. Well let’s take the time to celebrate our True Beauty. We will be dedicating our Wednesdays throughout January to do this.

Join us.e

Take the pledge.

And make change.

Kickstart 2017 by shifting gears and focusing on what makes your heart happy. Not on what doesn’t.

Welcome friends.

We can do this ❤️




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