One more ‘sleep’ until Moving Day

I just put my daughter to sleep in this house for the last time.

Tomorrow it is a whole new beginning for us.

And the end of an era.

This is the house of so many firsts.

Simon proposed to me in the living room.

This was the house I got ready for our wedding in.

We became a family while we were living here. 

Isabella took her first steps in the lounge room.

She started to talk.

She became a little lady.

And it is time to move.

I have been so distracted and caught up in everything else going on these last few months- working (I am done by the way!!), preparing for Christmas, focusing on the completion of the house and the packing- that I seldom thought about what it really meant.

We are moving.

We are leaving our home.

We are making a new one.

Yes yes. I have moved before. Simon has moved before. In fact I have lived all over the country and lived in many many houses and he has moved across the world. 

But I have never before lived in a house for six years.

This is my home.

And I am so excited that we have built our own, from the ground up. But I just want to take this moment to fully appreciate, that tomorrow we will leave this house.

Isabella will move for the first time.

And we will embark on a new journey, in a new home, in a new community.

It is totally a big deal.

Now I best finish packing. 




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