I know what makes my heart happy…

I had an amazing day today. Right amongst a month of feeling completely overwhelmed with everything. I relished in the absolute delight of this one precious day.

I’ve spent most of this month questioning many of my decisions and regretting a lot of choices that I made, because they all led to this month of absolute crazy. However I could not have predicted that it would turn out like this. The timing of a few things changed and then all of a sudden there was a lot of BIG things happening at the same time.

I am at the peak of how many hours I’m working on this temporary Christmas job. The house is finished and now there’s contractor after contractor to coordinate and meet. I’m packing. And it’s almost Christmas. 

I don’t feel like I have stopped for so long. 

Each one of those things on its own would have been a new experience to deal with, and challenging in its own right. But why not throw it all in to the one month? 

I’m used to being a stay at home Mum now. So getting back in to the grind of working has been tough. I went into it thinking that since it was only for such a short time that it would be fine. However I never anticipated that I would find myself trying to pack up the house and prepare the new one all at the same time! 

So today, after working four days in a row, I had an absolutely amazing day. The only thing in the diary for Isabella and I was an appointment at the Chiropractor, which is literally across the road from our house and is always delightful. 

We made homemade pasta sauce. We made bliss balls. We did craft. We played make believe. And we each spent some time on our own. Isabella played with her animals and felt playscape, and I dug into the mountain of washing and cleaning around the place. 

I honestly do not know how working Mammas keep the house in order. Especially the washing. If I don’t do a load a day we fall so behind and catch up sucks! 

I had expected to find all the ‘chores’ frustrating today, because I’ve missed Isabella so much and I just wanted to spend the day being with her and relaxing. 

But somewhere along the way this has become our norm. Washing is part of the daily rhythm, cooking is fun and tidying always makes me feel more at ease. And Isabella loves to help.

She giggled, we danced, we were silly and we had a load of fun.

And I was thinking- wow- I’ve been feeling SO NEGATIVE! Like so negative.

And I was laying it all out and putting it into perspective- 

I’m feeling down, and overwhelmed and stressed- and I get why- there is so much happening all at the same time- 

However- our brand new home is just finished! I’m busy because I’m coordinating things to finish our first ever home- for us to raise our family in. I’m busy preparing for a whole new life, a whole new beginning. I’m busy working so that we can put those finishing touches on that home, and reduce the financial stress of transitioning to a whole new world of home ownership- 

So many amazing things are happening in our life right now. Sometimes it is so hard to see past that overwhelming feeling in front of you to see how wonderful things really are.

It’s time to focus on the positive. Relish in what is coming, and on what is good.

Join me. We all need this. Let’s start 2017 off strongly, bravely, and most importantly with a positive mindset.

If there is one lesson I have learned through all of this, it is that above all else, you must do what makes your heart happy. 

And for me, all the money, all the things, all the new bits and pieces for a new house, don’t even come close to comparing with a day spent at home doing the washing with my daughter by my side. My heart is happiest when I’m with her, and I’m stronger for it.

So join me, as we see in the new year, and accept this challenge for January. 

What makes your heart happy? 


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