Tomorrow’s Regret

I’ve been wanting to share a song with you for a long time. I started writing the lyrics during a year 12 English lesson when I was 16 years old, and went home to collaborate with my dear friend Jessie. We worked on the lyrics further together, and Jessie put together some music on the guitar. Before we new it we had written another song. Not our first, but for me it was the most powerful one we ever did. The one that spoke to me the most. After some time I adapted the music Jessie had composed to play on the piano, and over the years added some music breaks along the way. 

This song has always spoken to me. 

But this song speaks to me even more now. 

It’s like 16 year old me knew all about the future and sat down and started writing a song that would later describe my feelings almost perfectly. 

Like she knew. 

I wanted to record this and share it with you that way. And I could use the excuse that I just don’t have the right equipment, but the fact remains is that even if I did I just would not let anyone physically hold a camera and record me at the piano whilst I play and sing. Probably because I don’t let anyone stand next to me while I play and sing. 

Well I don’t even let anyone in the same building… 

So this is as far as I can go to share this with you at the moment, but I hope that I’ll soon have the courage to share it with you on a different platform. Because music is so much more than just the words you will read here. 

Before you read the words below, let me once again thank my amazing friend and collaborator, Jessie Healey for not only creating this piece of music with me, but for allowing me to share it here today. 

Tomorrow’s Regret

If only there was a way to say,

The thoughts haunting my mind,

They shall wait for another day,

As my current words are blind.

In my mind I am troubled,

In my heart I cry with pain,

In my eyes you see the sorrow,

In my hands you feel the strain.

Tomorrow I will remember, 

But now I will forget,

My every thought is poisoned,

With sadness and regret.

Life can be such a mystery,

Life can be such a game,

But if we all keep on trying then,

Maybe we can stay sane.

One day we will be gone,

And the memories of us will soon fade,

Releasing our troubled minds,

And maybe our souls will be saved.

For now I only see darkness,

But one day I will see light,

Guiding me through this sadness,

Fear will remain inside.

Tomorrow I will remember,

But now I will forget,

My every thought is poisoned,

With sadness and regret.

Words and Music by Stacy Blair and Jessie Healey. Copyright 2004. 

Watch this space.


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