I’m back 


It’s been awhile.

So like I said back when I started the journey with this blog. I write for me. And I write for you too. But first and foremost I write for me. I write because it’s healing. I write because it’s soothing. I write because I enjoy writing. 

And I’ve still been writing, but what I’ve been writing hasn’t been for sharing. It’s just been for me. And I’ve needed that. 

So am I doing better? Well, I’m still treating my body like absolute crap so that’s not going to help anyone. I can’t really complain about feeling lethargic and unhealthy when, well, I am behaving in a really unhealthy way! 

I’m not exercising, I’m eating poorly, I’m sleeping poorly and I’m really feeling the effects of all of those things. So something got to change. This is not me. I gave myself permission back in May to let myself off the hook for awhile. And that’s ok. But now it’s been five months. Can you believe that? 

Five months. 

And I haven’t broken the cycle. I haven’t begun to hold myself accountable for my actions again. But my grace period is over. I am not going to feel better if I continue to treat myself this way.

So. It’s time to get back on track. I can do this. 



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