Let’s talk about jetlag…

“Hello jetlag my old friend

You’ve come to taunt me once again

Because a journey far across the sea

Has left me feeling tired and sleepy

But at 2am, I was wide wide wide awake

For goodness sake,

Because of dreaded jetlag”

Yes- jetlag has hit me in the face so hard that I’m remaking Simon and Garfunkel songs with lyrics about jetlag. You heard it here first 😂

So I’m pretty tired. But this morning at 2am when everyone was sleeping, I was ready for a jog and a feast 😂😂

I made the mistake of going to bed too early- Miss Iz and I turned in at 720pm- I was concerned we wouldn’t be able to get to sleep, because apparently Mr Sun had a rather late bedtime over here in the Northern Hemisphere! However we were both so knackered that it wasn’t an issue.

Isabella and Simon slept on until about 4, but then we were all ready to start the day. Now it’s midday, and Isabella is fast asleep and we are shattered 😂 

We have a later night planned tonight, out to visit with some family, so hopefully getting to bed a little later will help us reset a little.

All things considered we are all doing really well. We may be tired but we are having a great time! And Isabella has really begun to settle in and get comfortable.

I’m beginning to wonder how long it’s going to take us to readjust when we get home. Poor Simon only has one day off before he goes back to work. I think Isabella and I will plan a rather quiet week for ourselves too, and just take a nap as we feel the need (well, when Isabella feels the need!) 

As I type I look over and Simons fallen asleep too 😴😴 oh dear the Blairs are all out of sync with this time zone.

Anyway that’s enough about jetlag! All this talk about being tired isn’t helping me feel less tired 💤💤💤💤💤



2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about jetlag…

    • I feel like it’s definitely been more challenging this time with a teeny toddler! If I could sleep when I want to sleep that would maybe help me on my way! But I’m somewhat at the mercy of my little one! 💤💤💤💤💤

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