The journey here…

Well hello friends! As I begin to type away we are 10, 972 metres above Germany, with just 1 hour 23 minutes until we are scheduled to land in Dublin! 
I’m very pleased to report that our young lady had taken to travelling like a seasoned professional. We are so very grateful. We had not even completed our ascent departing Adelaide when Miss fell asleep 🙂 She did stir a few times overnight, however slept for a grand total of 7.5 hours, which in my opinion is pretty impressive. Let’s remember that the young lady was sleeping on Mum or Dads chest respectively, so she has done so well! We did a switch about halfway through and each of us tried to get some shut eye. However I think we both only clocked up a couple of hours.

In terms of activities- I am happy to report that we didn’t even crack open the activity bag on the first flight. When Izzy woke (about 5am Adelaide time) she spent the first hour or so simply fascinated by her new surroundings and enjoyed the novelty of the plane. Then some time with breakfast. We spent an hour or so singing lap songs and skin hand movements and bouncing about. Then it was time to socialise with surrounding babies and chase each other up and down the aisles. Before we knew it we were disembarking in Dubai.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t all roses! Several limbs succumbed to pins and needles and I was already feeling pretty stiff by the end of the first leg, but all things considered, I would call it a huge win. 

The stopover in Dubai was over within the blink of an eye, with barely enough time to transfer gates and go to the bathroom before it was time to board again.

And here we are, approaching the end of the second leg. This was an 8 hour flight, considerably shorter than our first which was 13!! However as this wasn’t an overnight flight we were expecting Isabella to need more stimulation then she would find on board. However she has impressed us once again! 

On this flight we have played with some stickers, and some duplo. Nothing else came out of Mummy’s comprehensive activity bag! We have chatted to our neighbours (we didn’t have any on the first flight!), enjoyed our meals, and done more singing and walking. It’s within the last two hours that Isabella has began to reach her limit and been asking to go to the playground. ‘I want to go to Ireland’ she says, ‘on the swings’. We have assured her it won’t be long before we are back outside in the fresh air, and moving our bodies again. So it’s after 21 hours in the air that Isabella is watching a movie. I’m really pleased that we have been able to stand beside our philosophies regarding screen time. I had really been trying to prepare myself for a flight where our adventurous almost two year old did not want to be held by the bounds of our seat and would need entertainment. However Isabella has reminded me once again that simplicity best. 

However the journey is not over yet. As we near our destination it’s coming on bedtime in Adelaide, but it is not quite lunch time in Dublin. So we still have an intense period of transition ahead of us. However my anxiety regarding that is drastically diminished, overridden by my excitement that very soon we will be introducing Isabella to her family from abroad. How exciting! 

We have met some amazing people along the way, and have been incredibly blessed to be surrounded by kind and patient people. In fact Isabella made a friend at the gate in Adelaide who just happened to be headed to Dublin as well. Sadly we aren’t sitting next to each other but Isabella found her as soon as we got to the gate in Dubai and they were the best of friends again. My usually rather shy child has found her confidence these past 24 hours. Perhaps she was prepared for a journey that included meeting new people and making new friends ☺️☺️

I have more to share but I think I’ve capped how long I can get away with typing! More soon! 


*brought to you from Dublin airport because I couldn’t figure out how to connect to the wi-fi on the plane 😂* 


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